railway gk in hindi group d Exam 2021, railway group d gk in hindi pdf download

railway gk in hindi group d Exam 2021, railway group d gk in hindi pdf download Railway Group "D" Last 10 Years Railway Group 'D' General Knowledge RRB Group D Reasoning Notes in Hindi RRB Group D Previous Year Paper PDF study material| Books| PDF| Notes 2021

Download Railway (RRB) Group "D" Exam GK in Hindi 2021

1. The uranium's metal of hope and plutonium is called the metal of fear.
2. The life-saving metal is of radium and the mercury is of acute silver.
3. Farakka Barrage, built on the river Ganga in West Bengal, is the largest barrage in the world.
4. Defense Services College is located in Wellington.
5. Tourism Day is celebrated on 27th September.
6. UNICEF Day is celebrated on December 11.
7. 'Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel' is called the father of the Indian Administrative Service.
8. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose was born on 23 January 1897 in Cuttack (Orissa).
9. The United Nations General Secretary Himeshold (1953-1961) died in 1961 in an accident.
10. Orissa state was separated from Bihar in 1936
11. Aurangzeb constructed the Moti Masjid in Delhi's Red Fort.
12. The fetus gets food from the umbilical cord.
13. Falie green plants found on rivers, tubs etc. are called algae.
14. The Vishnupad Temple was built by the Queen Ahilyabai on the banks of the river Phaghu.
15. Polo game in India is prevalent by Turks.
16. The Earth changes due to the rotation of the sun.
17. The headquarters of the North Western Railway is Jaipur.
18. Spinach leaves are the strongest source of iron.
19. England's currency is pound.
20. Digestion of food begins with moha.
21. Central sugarcane research center is in Coimbatore
22. The normal blood pressure of humans is 120/80.
23. The watt can be revealed in joule per second.
24. Sukhoi is a famous fighter plane
25. The fog of the fish caught with ozone gas starts moving.

26. The color of stars depends on their temperature.
27. For the first time in India, the Portuguese Governor's name was French Almeida.
28. The first country to leave the artificial satellite is Russia
29. Use plant nitrogen as nitrate
30. The Simon Commission is called the White Commission.
31. INSAT-1A was launched in the year 1982.
32. Earth is called blue planet.
33. The smallest country in the world is Vatican City.
34. The first woman president of the Indian National Congress is Annie Bennett.
35. Lala Hardayal was founder of the Gadar movement.
36. Mahatma Gandhi had run the NREGA Kisan movement in Champaran.
37. Mohenjodaro means 'Tiles of the dead'.
38. Shunagraj dynasty was founded by Pushyamitra
39. Kabir was a follower of Ramananda
40. Patel was the president of the lowest regional unit 'Gram' in Shivaji's administration.
41. Founder of 'Harijan Sevak Sangh' was Mahatma Gandhi
42. Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web (WWW).
43. X-rays (X-rays) have been discovered by W. Rantjan.
44. The particle of proton is 1.672 x 10 -27 kilograms.
45. Convergent is converted into a direct vapor, called aspiration.
46. ​​Protein is an example of organic yogic
47. The largest and heaviest mammal is the Blue Whale.
48. Cotton was first cultivated in India for textiles.
49. 'Patanjali' is familiar with Yoga Sutra resolution.
50. 'Gayatri Murthy' was composed by the intermediary.
51. In ancient India, the predecessor of the kingdom of Magadha was Rajgir.
52. Lord Buddha took the last breath (Mahapraksh) in Kushinagar.
53. The conduct of the Ashtagam separates Jainism from Buddhism
54. The beginning of Sak Sadat Kanishka
55. Charak was a famous doctor of the Kanishka court.
56. Chess game started in India
57. The system of decimal structure with the notion of anger was started in India during the Gupta Dynasty.
58. K. Kalithas was composed by Kumaradham epics
59. 'India's TAT' Amir Khusro was born in Patiala.
60. The first European Portuguese to come to trade in India was Portuguese.
61. Vijay Column (Tower of Victory) of Chittaur was built by Rana Kumba.
62. Battle of Buxar was fought in 1764 there.
63. Toda (Todas) is found in Madhya Pradesh.
64. Jog waterfall is constructed by the river Sharvati
65. Earth is a planet adjacent to Mars - Mars and Venus
66. In India, the East India Company was the first Governor-General Robert Clive.
67. The United States has six state languages ​​- Russian, Chinese, English, France, Spanish and Arabic.
68. European country Norway is the first NATO country to recruit women in the army.
69. Nayar Irrigation Project is located in Kerala
70. Chinese passenger Hansang came to India during the reign of Harshavardhana
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