Reasoning In Hindi रीजनिंग Questions

Reasoning In Hindi रीजनिंग Questions Reasoning in Hindi, Logical Reasoning Online Test in Hindi & English 2021
1. Like a calf for a cow, is it just for a goat?
• (A) Colt
• (B) puppy
• (C) Chauna
• (D) lamb Reasoning In Hindi रीजनिंग Questions
2. What is ' bird ' associated with water like ' fish ' as well?
• (A) Sky
• (B) Air
• (C) water
• (D) Food
3. Relating to the ' Captain ' like the ' ship ', what is the ' paper ' related to?
• (A) Publishers
• (B) editor
• (C) printer
4. Shoemaker: Leather:: Tailor:?
• (A) Bajaj
• (B) Shirt
• (C) thread
• (D) Fabric
5. Sheep: Mutton:: Reindeer:?
• (A) meat
• (B) Veal
• (C) Flash
• (D) Venijan
6. Choose odd words from the following words?
• (A) Ocean
• (B) Kuan
• (C) tank
• (D) Lake
7. Money: Abuse:: writing:?
• (A) cheat
• (B) plagiarism
• (C) theft
• (D) Flounder
8. News-Letter: Reader:: Bread?
• (A) Baker
• (B) Consumer
• (C) buyer
• (D) wheat
9. Optimistic: Delighted:: Pessimistic:?
• (A) selfish
• (B) inferior
• (C) sad
• (D) negligible

10. Choose odd words from the following words?
• (A) electric guitars
• (B) Mouth Argon
• (C) Sonata
• (D)-board
11. Pointing to a woman, Simon said, "He is the daughter of my father's sole sister." How is she related to Lady Simon?
• (A) mother
• (B) Fuferi sister
• (C) sister
• (D) Bua
12. C Mata is A and B. If D is husband B, then C of who is d?
• (A) mother
• (B) sister
• (C) SaaS
13. X and Y are brothers. R is the father of Y. S is the brother of T and uncles of the X. What is the relationship of T?
• (A) mother
• (B) wife
• (C) sister
• (D) brother
14. Who will be a sister of the son of a mother of a sister of a?
• (A) Mausera bhai
• (B) niece
• (C) Aunt
• (D) Moseri sister
15. The son of an old man is the uncle of my son. Tell what is the only son of my mother's only daughter from the aged?
• (A) grandchildren
• (B) Uncle
• (C) niece
• (D) None of these
16. A mother is the sister of B and is the daughter of C. D daughter is B's and sister of E, what is the relation of C to E?
• (A) mother
• (B) sister
• (C) father
• (D) Nana or nanny
17. Virus: Smallpox:: Bacteria:?
• (A) Dormancy disease
• (B) malaria
• (C) Tayaphayad
• (D) Small mother
18. Home: Kitchen:: sapling:?
• (A) root
• (B) mud
• (C) stem
• (D) leaf Reasoning In Hindi रीजनिंग Questions
19. If the day before the past tomorrow is a three day day ahead of Saturday, then which day is today?
• (A) Thursday
• (B) Friday
• (C) Tuesday
• (D) Wednesday Reasoning In Hindi रीजनिंग Questions
20. What day will be the first date of the month in a leap, if it is Friday on January 1?
• (A) Friday
• (B) Tuesday
• (C) Wednesday
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